So, (this is Jason) some friends asked me if I would post this on my site. After some awkward moments, I agreed to do so. Thankful for friends who want to help me make this jump in a cool way and for all those who have believed in me and what He has called me to for the last 25+ years. Really excited to start that in a new city. Onto the words of others, thanks for checking this out:

Dear Friend of Jason,

For over 25 years Jason has humbly and quietly served in his hometown investing in the lives of generations of students, families and others in so many ways. He has selflessly given away his time and space for others, Lord knows how many meals he's made for others, small groups hosted and led and "porch" sessions hosted for others to have somewhere to hang and talk about life. He has always been willing to do for others and now is a chance for us to do something special for him.


Jason is being given the opportunity to do that in a different community, and he has accepted the opportunity to move to Gainesville, Florida to work with Anthem Church as the groups director. 


What you might not know is that for most of his life Jason has radically depended on God to provide for his most basic needs, he has never been driven by making a lot, but giving of what He has had to just love and serve others.

As he moves from here to there, his friends have asked him to put together a "wish list" for a new home so we can help him get started in a new community and launch him well with the love and support from the place he has left an incredible legacy in. 


To be frank, most of his stuff will be thrown away or left behind, it's time for a fresh start with some more reliable things built to last, he has gotten a lot of traction out of a little. He pushed on us with this in his usual aw shucks "god will provide" attitude,, but we asked him to dream about what he would like to have to start over well in a new place. Maybe God just will provide by some of you reading this.

Some of the things he needs are high value, some are not, but if you would like to help with this, go ahead.

We are putting his shipping address below and do ask if you choose to get something off this list to let Jason know at so he can take it off the wish list. Thanks again for taking time to read this, join us in praying for Jason as he prepares to move and start his new ministry is Florida.


Below you'll see a link to where you can find wish list from Jason.


Sam's Club:

Jason Carr

350 Jayne Ellen Way

Alpharetta, Ga, 30009