If you need an example of the fact that God use anyone, I have written a few books. True story.

I love writing material to help others and I write based on my personal relationship with God and others. I'm wired super relationally, so you'll see that when you read what I write. 







My most recent book is called THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE. I wrote it for student pastors and volunteers. It's a field guide to help you invest in others. After 20+ years of leading small groups of teenagers and helping others do the same, I wanted to write something that was in the trenches. Something practical and helpful. Each section concludes with some small group questions to help you engage in the content more. By God's grace, He's been doing that. You can learn more about the book here.You can also download the e-book, audiobook, and podcast there too.  



I wrote my first book HALT, DISMOUNT AND BE RECOGNIZED about 10 years ago. I was frustrated by not being able to finish a book in small group. So I wrote a book for small groups to read together. The chapters are super short and have small group questions at the end of each section. You can get it here too.