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You are living your



Hey there. I'm Jason Carr. I lead Legacy Now. I've been working in student ministry for 20+ years. And I still love it. After working with some incredible ministries including Campus Crusade and North Point Ministries. I launched Legacy Now as a resource for you. 

Recruiting and leading volunteers. Leading students. Creating a healthy culture. Trusting an army of leaders to invest in the students He trusts you with. Legacy Now exists to serve those serving others. 

Don't hesitate to let me know how I can serve you. It's why He has me here. 


How I Can

Help You

I launched Legacy Now almost 10 years ago. Along the way as I've served leaders across the country I've learned that every church and every leader has it's own story. What's unique about Legacy Now is I am not a one stop shop or a one trick pony. At my core, I just want to serve you as you serve others.

* That might mean simply helping you navigate your current season. It might mean helping you evaluate and dream about what's ahead.

* It might mean helping you build a culture that sends an army of volunteers out to invest in the hearts of others in your community.


* It might mean serving you by speaking at an event, leading a volunteer training, coaching, or consulting with any needs you have.


I know this. You are living your legacy now. I have given my life to help you live a good one. I want you to serve those He has trusted you with to the best of your abilities because I know the difference He wants to make in and through you. 

So how can I help? However I can. Let's connect and talk about what that looks like for you or your church. 

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